G+ Business Description (Company name and details redacted for privacy purposes)

As a long-standing, family-owned business, customer service at xxxxx. Recycling is of the utmost importance. We work very closely with our clients to create individualized plans. We can help with all your electronics recycling, data destruction, computer recycling, hard drive destruction and e-waste needs. Due to our extensive relationship-building over the years, we have the honor of working closely with many corporations’ IT Departments in nationwide markets.

Our company, located in xxxxxxxxx. XXXX has a very strong focus on creating an environmentally-friendly facility and company culture. Our No Landfills policy is adhered to very strictly. Therefore, you can rest assured that when you choose us, your e-waste is properly recycled. Additionally, our state-of-the-art facility, which measures 20,000 square feet, was built in and continues to maintain compliance with EPA, local, state and federal environmental guidelines. We are also highly concerned about security. Our warehouse is positioned on a one-acre parcel of land, and we are able to ensure your data and hardware are very secure.

The best way to get to know us is to meet with us, take a tour and ask us any questions you may have. That way you can see our operations first-hand! Let us show you our excellent customer service. Our record of distinction in the industry and more than 25 years of experience have given the xxxxxx company the skills and knowledge you can count on.

The Benefits of Choosing XXXX

1. Processing systems perfected over 25 years paired with competitive pricing.

2. New and established customers receive an on-site or off-site evaluation at no cost.

3. Your valuation is guaranteed and will be delivered to you within two business days.

4. We’re always ready to pick up your E-Waste within 100 miles of our xxxxxx location.

5. Secure data destruction and hard drive destruction in conformance with regulatory standards.

6. Commitment to exploring and deciding on stateside solutions for all your equipment.


Sample content written for an HVAC company: “Energy-Saving Actions To Prepare For Winter”

It may seem a bit early to start thinking about energy-saving actions to prepare for winter. However, the sooner you plan, the more money and energy you can save. Simple steps like sealing windows and doors as well as more complex efforts like getting your heating system checked can all cut costs in the home.

1.Ensure Your Home Has No Leaks

  • Check Doors and Windows – It is important to see whether doors or windows have leaks because a leak lets cold air into the home. Excess cold air in a home makes your system work harder, which raises raising energy prices.
  • Be Sure Pipes Have No Leaks – Pipes are also greatly susceptible to leaks, particularly because they begin underground and go as high as a home’s roof.
  • Save Energy By Caulking or Weather Stripping – An energy-saving tip is to caulk or weather strip doors, windows, pipes, and duct-work in order to seal off leaks and prevent further leaks.

2. Be Certain That Your Home’s Exterior is Well-Maintained

  • Clean Gutters – Debris can create blockages that prevent water from flowing through pipes and can prevent other appliances like heaters from functioning properly.
  • Check for Loose Shingles on Your Roof – Loose shingles can lead to holes in a roof that can contribute to water and cold air getting into a home. They can also let hot air out of a house.

3. Trim Trees and Other Landscaping
It is important to trim back trees or shrubs that are located very close to a house or very near electrical wiring. This can keep snow storms from causing damage to the home or causing fallen wires.

Energy saving tips include sealing off doors and windows, checking for leaks in pipes and maintaining appliances. The professionals at Pipeworks Services, Inc. can help ensure that all the plumbing, heating and cooling in your home is working correctly.

Longmont Chorale News and Notes-Monthly Newsletter-First Issue

I created this newsletter for the Longmont Chorale. I did the layout and most of the writing. CHORAL~1[smallpdf.com]

Excerpts from Resume: Original and Edited

Names have been removed so as to protect people’s privacy.




A result oriented Retail Store Manager seeking to utilize knowledge and experience in training, coaching, and developing Sales Associates to reach their goals, which will enable growth and personal challenges to occur.


Life Uniform

Store Manager

Vernon Hills, IL 2008-Present

* Manage 5 sales associates

* Responsible for turning a severely declining store on the verge of closing into the top store in gain by percentage for 3 consecutive years.

* Selecting the products that will be sold in store to farther increase in sales.

* Outside sale: going out into clinics, hospitals, doctors offices, and other medical facilities to drive sales by creating contracts with them to maintain a consistent loyal customer basis.

* Carried out daily administrative responsibilities.

* Taking care of costumer concerns and providing quality costumer service.

Victorias Secret

Store Manager

Queens, NY 2006-2008

* Managed 20 sales associates, 1 assistant aanagers, and 3 lead key holders.

* Responsible for employee recruiting, sales, inventory, and budget of the store.

* Making sure visual presentation of store is 100% to company standards.

* Carried out daily administrative responsibilities.

* Taking care of costumer concerns and providing quality costumer service.

* Conducting recruiting for new stores as well as existing stores.

* Assisted comptroller and area manager with budget and store effectiveness.





A bilingual results-oriented Retail Store Manager seeks to utilize knowledge and experience in training, coaching, and developing Sales Associates to reach their goals; enabling them to grow and to overcome personal challenges.

* A significant career accomplishment: Responsible for turning a severely declining store that was on the verge of closing into the top store in “gain by percentage” for 3 consecutive years.

* Responsible for the management of up to 20 employees

* Leadership skills acquired through management, training, mentoring, and business development

* Recruiting staff for both existing and new stores; Responsible as a Traveling Manager to open new stores as well as to train new managers and staff.

* Customer service skills and customer relations; listening to customer concerns and responding to them

* Inventory management: choosing items to carry in order to increase sales and profitability, loss prevention, keeping stores neat and clean, choosing best way to display items for optimal sales results

* Budget and operations management; balancing drawers and transactions at shift closing/day’s end

* Effective time management skills utilized for timely store opening and closing

* Outside Sales: going out into clinics, hospitals, doctors’ offices, and other medical facilities to drive sales by creating contracts with them to maintain a consistent loyal customer base.

* Administrative responsibilities




Life Uniform

Store Manager

Vernon Hills, IL 2008-Present


Victorias Secret

Store Manager

Queens, NY 2006-2008


Elegant Expressions Creative Services Brochure

I did the layout and created the content for this brochure. Additionally, I do own the rights to this material. Please do not take this material as your own.  Elegant Expressions Creative Services brochure

UAW- Audio Typing and Secretarial Services


Title: How Audio Typing Can Be Used in Secretarial Services

Audio typing helps keep businesses on track. Many offices are now requiring audio typing and secretarial services to come in one package. Audio typing is similar to audio transcription in that it uses recorded data and transfers it to a new format.

A recording device is useful in keeping solid notes of meetings, conferences, lectures,  and other similar events. Audio typing is a way of ensuring those recordings get transferred to a new, written document. This service can be combined with other secretarial services for business success.

In audio typing, a person uses a foot pedal to advance a recording and to reverse it if something should be missed. The person then must type the contents of the recording verbatim.  It can be expensive to outsource this service so many businesses are hiring secretaries with this skill.

Often audio typing is just the beginning. Since businesses are combining this skill with other secretarial services, it is common for things to go beyond audio typing to transcription. Transcription is different from audio typing in several ways.

Transcription requires a person to edit the recording, taking out the ums and the uhs and making things sound coherent regardless of the original recording quality. Although an audio typist has to be able to understand a recording regardless of quality, transcription must be even more exact and takes longer to complete.

Transcription requires a person determining the placement of punctuation more precisely. Another facet of transcription is that people must be able to understand which homophone is being used in the context of a sentence. One example of homophones that might need to be differentiated are allowed vs. aloud.

Audio typing and transcription can be done by agencies or by freelancers. There are options to hire these services at a flat rate or based on the length of the recording that needs to be converted. Be sure to check references and rates before hiring anyone for audio typing or transcription services.

Choosing someone or a company that can provide audio typing and transcription services can save a business time and money. Only one person or agency will need to be hired to perform both services, so there is less money needing to be paid out. Having a person or agency with both skills means that there will be no need to wait for a recording to be audio typed and then sent to someone else for editing.

Rewrite 1: 

Title:  Audio Typing and Secretarial Services Go Hand in Hand

Businesses are staying on the ball by using audio typing and secretarial services together. Audio typing is a way to take recordings from a meeting or other business event and transfer them to a type-written document. By incorporating secretarial services businesses are able to go above and beyond this skill set, including the use of transcription services.

Recording meetings, conferences, and seminars is a reliable way to keep solid notes. Audio typists can be an asset in turning this record into a written one. Combining audio typing and secretarial services can help a business thrive.

A tool used for audio typing is a foot pedal. The foot pedal is utilized for manipulating the recording. A recording can be advanced or reversed in this manner. The ability to reverse or rewind a recording makes it easier to be exact in typing it up. The recording is usually typed word for word.

Frequently, services are needed beyond audio typing.  With the added skills found in secretarial services, a business may require transcription. Transcription differs from audio typing in several ways.

The work for transcription requires editing for coherency and reducing guttural utterances. It is also crucial that a transcriptionist understand what homophone is being used in a recording. For example, it might be difficult to distinguish the homophones who’s (who is) and  whose (possessive).

Punctuation is another area that requires transcription skills. A transcriptionist must be able to pinpoint the placement of punctuation. There are many places to find audio typing and transcription services.

Companies, agencies, or freelancers are all resources for finding audio typing services. It is vital to check references and verify skills before hiring anyone for audio typing or transcription services.  Two common arrangements for payment are a flat fee and pay per minute of recording.

Businesses that look for companies or people to fill audio typing and secretarial service needs are setting themselves up to meet or exceed goals. Taking advantage of access to these skills can help save a company or business owner both money and time. There is no requirement to hire more than one person if one can be found with both audio typing and secretarial skills. This reduces the time it takes to complete an assignment because it will not need to be transferred between people and departments. Only needing one person also saves money because it means only one paycheck that needs to be distributed.

 Rewrite 2: 

Title: Why Combining Typing and Secretarial Services Helps Businesses Succeed

Audio typing and secretarial services are often combined to create a successful business model. Recording meetings and other business events then transferring them to another format is called audio typing and can be combined with other secretarial services. One example of another secretarial service that can be combined with audio typing is transcription. Though the two are similar, there are a few things that make them distinct from each other.

Using a tape recorder or digital recording device is a productive way to keep track of notes from meetings or other business events. Audio typing is the process of taking a recording and transferring it to a typed or written document. Combining audio typing and secretarial services is a good way for businesses to set themselves up to succeed.

A foot pedal is used to convert audio to printed material in audio typing. The pedal is used to move a recording forward or to rewind it for any clarification that is needed. In audio typing, there are no adjustments made to the words used on the recording.

Frequently, audio typing is only the beginning of a business’s needs. Hiring people who have skills in both audio typing and secretarial services allows a business to employ transcription services as well. Transcription is similar to audio typing but requires some other skills as well.

Transferring recorded material to another format is just one part of transcription. Transcription also requires a person to edit for fluidity. One must also understand which homophone a person is using on the recording, such as merry and marry.

Transcription skills require a person to listen for places that require punctuation. This must be done precisely. Several places exist to help in meeting audio typing needs and other secretarial needs.

Resources for finding audio typing, transcription, or other secretarial services abound. Businesses can search for people to fill those needs through companies, agencies, or freelancers. When choosing a provider it is imperative to check references and verify experience prior to hiring a person or agency. Payment options vary between agencies and companies. However, two customary arrangements are to pay a flat fee or to pay by the minute of recording time.

Filling audio typing and secretarial services in one place can be good for business. Hiring one person to fill both roles is a way for a company to save money and time. One person means one paycheck and less need to move documents between people or departments.

Palisade Tribune Articles- Child and Migrant Services (English and Spanish); Tillie Bishop

These were published under my maiden name- Deborah Goldbaum. Please note that there are two pages.

Newspaper articles